About Tempo Padel

Born out of a passion for padel

Our journey started in the year 2020. A strange year with pandemic, lockdowns, repatriations and far too little sport. Yet it was also the year when we became completely captivated and in love with the most flourishing sport in the world, padel. The great passion for the sport brought our team of founders together, and we agreed to create Denmark's first premium paddle brand, TEMPO. A brand with Danish values, production in Europe, and a focus on quality above all else.

To spread the love of the sport

In TEMPO we love padel. Our lovers might even say a little too much. But we are padel players and we started this journey because of our great passion for the sport. Our ambition is to spread love for padel by equipping other players with high-performance equipment at affordable prices. We want to build a strong community of players and contribute positively to the growth of the beautiful sport.

Produced in the padel mecca of the world, Spain

Spain is the padel mecca of the world. Spain are world champions in the sport and possibly also in padel bat production. Therefore, all TEMPO's padel rackets are of course also produced in Spain. We work closely with a family-owned factory, which for generations has produced padel rackets for players all over the world. TEMPO's co-founder Julian is himself from Valencia, and therefore language and cultural barriers are no problem in the collaboration.

No middleman ensures affordable prices

The fact that TEMPO is a direct-to-consumer brand means that we can deliver really high quality at a fair price. There aren't many high-performance premium padel rackets with a Scandinavian soul, and not in the price range where we work. We like that. Because of course we are gamers, but we also love new equipment - especially when the price is reasonable.